Martha V

We are excited to announce that we will be re-opening Martha V on Tuesday 16th June.

We can not wait to meet and greet you all again in Martha V. Having re-opening news like this has been long awaited. 12 weeks has felt like an eternity, but we have survived. We hope you have all stayed safe and well too, as the Covid-19 pandemic is certainly unprecedented in more ways that one.

Whilst closed, we have certainly not been putting our feet up. When the news broke and we closed our doors on 21st March, Lara Kinnett, our new owner of Martha V since 24th January 2020, felt heartbroken and devastated. Our staff where shocked mainly but also worried for what will become. Such uncertain times.

But, after solving the initial financials, deliveries and making sure all our partners were aware of our actions, Lara started to calm and reflect. Lara has two younger children, so she soon had to fall into being a teacher, which was a challenge!

Lara quickly made a positive plan and the first was to create a website that customers could buy from. Obviously something lot’s of businesses offer, but we have never really needed this service, as our customers keep visiting and remain loyal, as they enjoy the shop service. But we and our customers had to adapt, so Lara set about creating it herself at home. She certainly had a bit of spare time, as it would normally have taken months and months to put together.

After three weeks, the site went live and it was an instant hit. We are so lucky to have loyal customers, who were also needing new clothes, as the weather changed to warm,lol. The service is for two processing days a week, so Lara can solely manage to pick and process all the orders. All staff are on furlough. Take a look if you haven’t already, as we have 95% of all stocks on the site now.

When the site was up and running, Lara decided she had a window of opportunity to paint and freshen up the inside of the shop too. No better time, to juggle stock and paint. That was a mammoth task, with the help of her children too. But we have a nice fresh interior to serve you from now.

Interior of a section of Martha V Interior of a section of the shop







Interior of a section of the shop Interior of a section of the shop Interior of a section of the shop










So the weeks have passed, some slow and some fast. It has been mentally challenging at times but Lara is so positive for Martha V and our new normal.

On Tuesday 16th June, we will open again. And we can’t wait!!!!

There will be changes and we do have strict guidelines to follow but we can still serve you and advise you like we always do, even wearing a mask at distance. Please see the basic guidelines and changes below, so you are aware of what to expect. We do think these will change over the coming weeks and months, so always check our Facebook page for new current updates.

Our priority is to keep our Staff safe and all our visiting customers. We are following every guideline and more where we think we can help.

  1. Masks – We will require you to please wear a face mask in store. All staff will also be wearing one.
  2. Sanitiser – We have lot’s of this at points in store. We will also require you to use our provided sanitiser as you enter please.
  3. Appointment service – Every day from 9am – 10am, we will have a booking service. these are booked via our facebook page (Open on Saturday 13th June). These will be for one person (Two customers will be in store if fully booked) and for a 30 minute slot.
  4. Changing rooms – These will have to be closed, so you can not try on our casual wear clothes in store. Sorry.
  5. Returns – Our policy is temporarily changing, until we can open the changing area’s. We will honour a 14 day full refund (T&C apply – Please see www.marthavshop for these in full)
  6. TWO customers will be allowed in the shop at one time, on our lower casual wear floor. Then it will be one out and one in. Please be patient during busy times, as small queues could build. We doubt this will happen much though.
  7. Occasion wear – This is situated on our first floor now. This area is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for the foreseeable future. Please call the shop on 01638 666320 to make a 90 min appointment. Only yourself and ONE guest will be allowed during this visit but you can use the changing room upstairs, to help give you the most comfortable service.

All area’s of the shop will be regularly sanitised and we will be closed every day at 1pm -2pm to have lunch and do our mid-day sanitise. This is due to lower than normal staffing, while we start to slowly open to our full capacity.

We hope you have confidence to visit us after 16th June. We have and will do everything to make all parts of the shop safe and protect us all. If you have any enquiries then please email us on and we will gladly answer them.

See you very soon

Lara and staff.