Naya Clothing

Irish brand Naya is becoming increasingly popular with ladies who shop with us!

Naya offers a unique and casual style. Focussing on layers, textures and complimentary separates, it’s easy to see why this brand is sought after all year round.

Creating a contemporary look, every style is cut to flatter the figure, whilst offering such a diverse collection to suit all. The soft layering is where it all always starts, loose-fitting, but flattering silhouettes, which feature jersey layered with sheer chiffon and print.

Helen Wheeler, Head of Design, explains the thought process behind the Naya look:

“It’s an easy, relaxed look. The ethos behind the brand was to keep it edgy; to keep it a little bit more about relaxed glamour, but also to have the street trends there, full of pieces that you would wear over and over”

We at Martha V love the diversity of each season, and have seen it work wonders on so many different customers. We love it!

The Spring/Summer range includes classic colour combinations such as black & white, as well as navy and beige, with a contrasting pop of lime green. Cullote trousers, easy-to-wear funky  dresses and assymetrical tops are just a few styles we currently have in-store.

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